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GLOBALPLEXS is a transnational company, specialized in generating an accelerated and systemic improvement in the results of a region, sector or business in an integrated and sustained manner, thru the implementation of technological tools and our Plexs Acceleration Model.

To become an international company and in constant growth, recognized for establishing long term relationships with our customers and for providing high value added. Operating in a standardized manner, efficient and sustainable, always seeking the development of our people.

We plan globally and act locally, thru our educational models and operational excellence, we link our systems, specialists and customers to challenge the established way of thinking, triggering a disruptive transformation and increasing profitability and competitiveness.

Our model is based on 10 success factors of world-class transnational companies, seeking the three-dimensional company growth.

1. Effective Management and Systemic Costs Control.
2. Development of Human Capital & GP2W.
3. Safety, Hygiene, Health, Ecology and Ergonomics (SHSEE).
4. Continuous Improvement and Innovation.
5. Effective Maintenance and Brand New Forever.
6. Quality Management and Customer Service.
7. Supply Chain and Logistics.
8. Engineering & IT.
9. Operations Management.
10. Development of New Businesses.

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Globalplexs has a network
of consultants with more than
20 years of experience in different fields.



We help create the correct foundation for the success of your company.


We drive the growth of your company in an integral way to take it to another level.

Organizational Transformation

We turn your company into what its managers and shareholders want in the long term.

S.W.A.T. Team

Specialized teams for critical problem solving.


Redesign, standardization and institutionalization of the current process of your company.

Operations Transfer

We support you in the relocation of plants, assembly lines, as well as the launch of new products.

Plexs Manager

Specialized platform for the diagnostic status of the company and provide follow-up to your metrics.

Plexs Project

Platform to organize and provide follow-up to projects at any level.

Plexs Maintenew

Maintenance system for machinery, equipment and facilities.

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We are proud
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Plexs Institute

Globalplexs thru the Plexs Institute helps prepare a new generation of businessmen leaders with our specialized programs in training and education.

Upper Management Division

Training for Upper Management

Specialized training for directors.

Management training

Specialized managerial training for each of the areas.

Programs and courses:

Projects Management

Training based on our methodology for projects development and their follow up.

Blue Belt

Basic concepts of Lean Process

White Belt

Intermediate topics and tools of Lean Process.

Yellow Belt

Advanced topics of Lean Process.

NOTE: Courses and training can be adapted based on the needs of your company in case a specific theme is required.